AA Translations New York (AATNY)

AATNY (Accurate and Appropriate Translations New York) is a translation agency in the City of New York.

Our translations are accurate because we make sure every word/phrase of text is translated to reflect the author’s original meaning and ideas. Our translations are appropriate because we know each language is rich with its own unique cultural significance and characteristics; no translation should be so literal that it disregards idiomatic peculiarities and local customs.

At AATNY, we offer extensive experience with hundreds of languages. We have translated text and content on almost every imaginable topic and re-created multilingual document layouts — from entire books and magazines to brochures, fact sheets, flyers, catalogs, and more.

AATNY is not the typical gigantic, anonymous translation company, one that spits out tens of thousands of documents of mediocre quality every week. Rather, we are a boutique agency, with the highest-quality standards. We take personal contact with our clients very seriously. When you contact our company, you will be connected to a project manager who will oversee your project from start to finish. You can contact your project manager at any time by phone or email, and he or she will always be happy to discuss any issues or questions you have. In addition to our dedicated, hardworking project managers, you will also have a vast pool of expert translators and typesetters/graphic designers at your disposal.

AATNY works hard to meet any deadline. We offer competitive pricing, and our project management system guarantees premium quality. All our translations go through a meticulous process of checking and double-checking, and typeset documents are proofed by native linguists before they are returned to you.

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AA Translations NY
is a proud member of the American Translators Association!

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Please contact us by email (info@aatny.biz or info@aatranslationsny.com),
request a cost estimate by filling out our form
or call us (646-657-8170)!


20+ Years of Translation

Among our many happy clients are:

With our many years of experience in the field of translation and translation project management, we know how to make our clients happy.
We ensure highest quality — while still offering competitive pricing.


  • translate,
  • edit, and
  • proofread every document,
  • using only experienced linguists who are natives in the target language
  • and who are experts in the speciality relating to your documents.

We work with a large number of outstanding translators and editors specializing in many areas of translation:

  • Marketing, advertisment, and PR
  • Business development
  • Websites
  • Fashion catalogs
  • Technical materials
  • Financial documents
  • Educational materials
  • Tourism
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical documentation
  • and much more!

We translate from English into almost every other language and vice versa!

If you would like to work with us on your next translation project, please send us your source documents and tell us into which language(s) you want us to translate. We will analyze your documents and provide you with a cost estimate, based on the word count of your documents and on the necessary formatting work involved in creating your documents in the target language(s).

Please contact us by email (info@aatny.biz or info@aatranslationsny.com),
request a cost estimate by filling out our form
or call us (646-657-8170)!


Expert Multilingual Typesetting (DTP)

Our expertise in multilingual typesetting is almost unrivaled. Desktop publishing (DTP) and graphic design in any language — Latin-based, Cyrillic, Asian, Indic, right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew — is our specialty. We are the main typesetting partner for two publishing houses and create all of their products (books, magazines, marketing materials, ads) in all languages they need.

We work with the latest (and previous, if necessary) versions of Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator — on both PC and Mac.

In order to typeset your documents in a foreign language, we would need from you:

  • the translation (unless you ask us to translate for you)
  • the native DTP files that your designer used to create the original English version of your product
  • the art files (images, graphics etc.) embedded in your DTP files
  • all fonts that were used to create the English layout.

For best results, include a high-resolution PDF file of your English layout together with your request for an estimate.


Please contact us by email (info@aatny.biz or info@aatranslationsny.com),
request a cost estimate by filling out our form
or call us (646-657-8170)!